Our history

It all started from two observations:

Firstly, a recurring consumer dissatisfaction with the difficulty of lighting home fires and barbecues. There had to be a quicker, simpler and safer way of lighting a fire!

Secondly, having to resort to using a wide array of complicated, dirty, odorous and inefficient products.

So, encouraged by my colleagues and motivated by the idea of bringing a safe and simple solution to the millions of people making  home fires daily, I decided to create:

The dream firelighter for home and garden!

And this is how FlaMagic was born one night in the summer of 2018...

Designed and manufactured in France, the Flamagic firelighter has flourished in a very short space of time. Launched in France in early 2019 and at the same time in the UK market, we’re taking the first steps towards providing our customers with a whole new way of tackling what used to be a complicated and annoying process.

Enjoy your summer and winter evenings whether at home by the fire, or in the garden with your barbecue.

Give it a try!

Flamagic – the easy, fast, safe and odourless firelighter